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Good morning all and thanks for stopping by. The staff of Burgundy Rainbow have been hard at work for the past couple of weeks getting this ready but today is the first day that we present the site to you, dear reader, for your enjoyment. Before laying out what we will be providing in the coming weeks and months as far as coverage of the Avalanche organization and beyond, I’d like to turn to some folks that quickly got us from nothing to a new website debut for a little recent history.

SeaMill and Roaming_Yeti deserve much of the praise for where we are today. First of all for keeping a good group of Avs fans together in turbulent times and second of all for having the technical knowledge of how to put together a site where writers can write and everyone can discuss what’s on their minds.

SeaMill: I got on to Mile High Hockey at around 11:00 am the Monday after that dreaded weekend of the “Great MHH Banning of 2017.” I was heartbroken. I was never a big poster, and I was only a member of the site for a little over three years. The site was somewhat new to me but the community meant a lot to me. After seeing that the MHH that I knew was gone, I decided to do something about it. Roaming_yeti and I started a discord for everyone to retreat to. After getting to know yeti, we came to bond a bit. We came from the same small town and graduated from the same high school and both became software developers. We had some ideas but not as much time as we wanted to make a new site. Yeti got the open source Discourse code online and started up a new website. I took care of a lot of the community side while he focused on getting the technical side squared away (he has much more experience). After a couple weeks, discourse died down a bit. It was nothing like we hoped it would be. So I even tried reaching out to BSNDenver to see if I could help them make their comments section better, but unfortunately, things didn’t quite fall into place with them.

A couple weeks later, earl messaged me. He was fed up, wanted to move on but wanted somewhere to write. He reached out to yeti and I and with the help from earl and the rest of the writers, we came up with this site. It is built on WordPress so the customization is not where we would like it, but it has turned out to be a lot better. Day after day, we all got more and more excited about the site and turned it into something that we are extremely proud and passionate about. We have put all our cards on the table to give you guys the best home we can. It may not be as fancy and high tech as MHH, but we will do our best to turn it into the best we can for you all. Thanks for being such a great community. I can’t wait for this thing to take off. Go Avs Go.

Yeti: I first found MHH around 4 years ago. I lurked for a couple years and then finally took the plunge and made an account. I was glad I did as I have learned so much about hockey from the great community that was present there. The community has been the highlight of my day for these past few dark years in Avs history. That is why when I saw was what was happening to the community a few months ago I became very dismayed. SeaMill and myself created the discord server to give a refuge to the community and place for them to vent their frustrations without fear of being banned. Once we realized (rather quickly) that MHH would never be the same any time soon, we decided to create an alternative to keep this community together. I focused on getting the Discourse server software up and running while SeaMill focused on the community. We were able to quickly recruit a few writers and get some content (not #content) up quickly. We quickly realized that Discourse would not meet our needs as forum software. Around the same time Earl contacted both of us letting us know that he wanted to create something new. After that things moved fast and we were able to get a new site with a more blog centric focus and better commenting system up. Earl and SeaMill were able to recruit some of the best talent over to our new site and I am proud to say that our staff has an extremely diverse skill set. I may be seeing things with Burgundy tinted glasses but I believe our future is extremely bright and I look forward to seeing the community stay together and grow.

Excellent words and work gentlemen, this wouldn’t be possible without that and we all thank you. Now what?

Ok, we’ve got a sharp-looking website and some social media accounts, you’re probably wondering what we’re going to do with them. Lots of good things hopefully. For a start-up there’s a fair amount of experience on the staff. There will be some familiar columns (cupcakes? Yes, there will be cupcakes!) and plenty of new things to check out. So far, there are going to be at least 3 podcasts on the Burgundy Radio Network. We’ll have Rudo’s streamables and video reviews along with Vlad checking in from the Pepsi Center with video pre and post game reports.

First up will be Avs Rookie Camp and the Rookie Showcase out in San Jose followed by Main Camp and the Burgundy/White Game at Magness Arena. We’ll have blow-out-the-budget coverage for all of that leading into pre-season and in a little over a month, opening night at Madison Square Garden. Stay tuned.

The goal here is to provide every Avs fan, from someone that doesn’t care who the 3rd line center is to someone who knows how many shot attempts at even strength Igor Shvyryev had in his last KHL game, with something of interest. Our greatest and perhaps only asset is our minds. We’re going to let our passion, creativity and our abilities to analyze dictate what appears on your screen. It may violate the first law of journalistic integrity but we are fans just like you are. With any luck what we write, record and produce will be answers to questions that trouble us all.

I invite you now to go and check out the site. The comment sections work well and even have threaded view. Let us know what you think.

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  1. Thanks to each of you for your hard work and energy in putting this together and for finding a way to keep this fantastic community together. I appreciate each of you very much.


    1. Andi, we tried to have everyone who will be contributing have something up for the launch. For now, what you see is what you’re likely to get. We are always going to be looking for additional contributions. We may have some specials guests once the season kicks off and Heretic will probably circle back around eventually with his Heresy’s too.


  2. Ok, looks like this will take a while to figure everything out (and to figure out who is who). But it looks awesome! And the layout is great. Discord has been great, but I miss the content side. Looking forward to the season with Burgundy-coloured glasses on!

    Paul (AKA ThatPetrolRelation)


  3. Not sure I like having to create a blog (or something else) just to have a wordpress account in order to participate here, but it is what it is.
    I’m sure this is all going to take a little getting used to, just like any new home, but you guys have shown that you care more about the group than some bottom line. Thanks for all the hard work guys, keep it up.
    I’m sure in short time we will not ever remember our precious home, because our “family” is all here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It just auto-creates a blog for you. I think I’ve had one for ten years or so and I’ve never made any content for it (and they’ve never asked me to). I just needed a username in order to read a blog from a friend of mine who had moved to China for a couple of years.


  4. I’m so freaking happy I could just cry. I come home from a hard day of work, and get to come here to read articles and comments. This is the absolute best. Thank you SO much, SeaMill, Yeti, Earl, and everyone who had a hand in putting this together.


    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m a little late here – it takes the likes of me a little free time to figure out how to log in.
    so glad to see the old gang reassembled and really appreciate and respect the time and effort that has gone into it.
    Now once more I have a wonderful place to lurk.


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