Daily Cupcakes:



Colorado Avalanche

Matt Duchene endures the wait – and the weight – of Colorado’s trade inaction: The Avalanche front office will never get the price it demands for Duchene and has already wrecked the relationship. [National Post]

Ready to make an impression in the ‘Peg. After playing for three teams in five years, Micheal Sgarbossa wants to take the next step. [Winnipeg Free Press]

John Mitchell signs a PTO with the Chicago Blackhawks. [CBS Sports]


The Rest of the Game

Pastrnak becoming highest-paid Bruins player wouldn’t bother Marchand. [NBC Sports]

Devils sign defenceman Damon Severson to six-year deal. [Sportsnet]

Five NHL free agents still on the market. I can’t believe Jagr still hasn’t signed somewhere… and where will Winnik start the year? Many teams could use Winnik on the PK. [The Star]

The LA Kings Beach Cities 5K/10K Helps Raise Over $200,000. By partnering with the Hydrocephalus Association, the Kings Care Foundation has helped raise nearly $1 million in support of research since 2014. [L.A. Kings]

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  1. I am tired of the Duchene pity party. He’s not a victim, although he plays the part quite well. I am not saying management is blameless, but a real pro would show up at the Captain’s practice and leave no doubt he will be there when TC opens.

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    1. Eh, I disagree here. My line in the sand is camp. That’s when he has to be there. The informal skates is nothing and doesn’t bother me at all that he wasn’t there. That said, I have no sympathy for anyone in the situation.


        1. Not particularly. 1.) It’s pretty well documented he wants out. And really, based on what we’ve witnessed during his time here, it’s not unwarranted. 2.) He was training (read staying in shape) and that’s fine. 3.) He has not missed any official team activities.

          Again, he gets no sympathy from me for his part in all of this, but I don’t think you can hold it against him for not going to an informal skate.


        2. Gonna have to agree with King. The reason some players were moved out (and Duchene is on the block) is attitude. There’s a losing attitude in the locker room, and it’s gotta go. You can feel the static between Landy (and the rest of the team) and Duchene. It has been quoted many times by sources that say it’s awkward in the locker room.

          Duchene is not doing anyone any favors while he’s being passive aggressive.


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