GWG Challenge Weekly Update

Hello all,

The GWG Challenge has taken off better than I expected and you are all doing pretty well. Don’t worry about your scores, it generally is very hard to get points. After seeing this done in the past the high score was close to 30 for the whole season so don’t get discouraged.  Keep playing. All it takes is two good games and you can jump to the top. So far here are the leader boards:

User GWGs Correct Weekly Points Total Points
Andi D. 2 5 5
Jimbodini 1 3 3
Bill Storely 1 2 2
Sandie 0 2 2
Rudo3 0 1 1
David Ingraham 0 1 1
yeti 0 1 1
Avalanche Pilgrim 0 1 1
AvsAuggy 0 1 1
rdelecinc 0 1 1
c6hor8 0 1 1

So congratulations to Andi D! She is the winner for this week. Next game is Thursday at 8:00 PM MST against the Golden Knights.

(if you have any rebuttals against your score, feel free to DM me on Discord)

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