GWG Challenge Weekly Update (Week of 10-30-17)

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for taking part in the Burgundy Rainbow GWG Challenge.
King Peter with a great week racking up 5 points this week. Coupling that and last week he jumps into the top 5 with two great weeks in a row.

Top 5

User GWGs Correct Weekly Points Total Points
Paris Burgundy & Blue 3 2 13
Jimbodini 1 4 12
Faydout 2 4 10
Avalanche Pilgrim 1 1 9
King Peter the XXI 3 5 9

Keep up the good work! There are two games this week, both in Sweden. Make sure to get your picks in for a chance to win the first Burgundy Rainbow GWG Challenge prize.

Current Standings

One thought on “GWG Challenge Weekly Update (Week of 10-30-17)

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  1. My score was not updated. I know I got at least one bonus question right this week from the Philadelphia game. Also do you post the answers anywhere so that I can more easily verify if I’m getting scored correctly?


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