Burgundy Radio Podcast: A Tale of Two Blowouts

Steph and earl are joined by Rudo and AceODale to break down a really strange week in Avalanche news, from a big win to a big loss, from injuries to callups to callups that weren’t.

Burgundy Radio: Icky Territory

Steph is joined by Earl, Jackie, and Rudo for a packed breakdown of the week, including That Call and the NHL’s statement about it.

Burgundy Radio: Tchage (10/16/2017)

Steph, Earl, and SeaMill make an attempt at explaining this week in Avs, from huge wins to devastating losses. Also, on changing expectations, the front office listened about the PK, and the poltergeists try to interject with something of their own!

Burgundy Radio: The Avs Do The Splits (10/9/17)

Steph, Earl, and Jackie watched the same team two play wildly different games. We talk like we know what to make of it, but really, we don’t. Also, Steph can’t say “Nemeth,” a call for calm, and we beg for the Nail that sticks up not to be hammered down!