Burgundy Radio: Kryptonite Week (3/12/2018)

Steph is joined by earl and Jackie to try to figure out what happened that the Avalanche lost 3 straight in overtime in a total of 2 minutes, scored 3 goals in a total of 4 minutes, and had a backup goalie for a total of 46 minutes. Plus, we look to the playoff picture, who the Avs could use help from, and which games remaining need the ol' big red circle!

Burgundy Radio: BRA7-1L (03/05/2018)

Steph, earl, and Jackie meet up after the Avs' heartbreaking loss to Nashville to remind us the team won 7 of 8 points this week, check out Nathan MacKinnon for the Hart, and prepare themselves for the playoff race the Avalanche have thrust themselves into!

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