Dreaming of the Draft: Overagers

In the thick of draft season focus understandably narrows to first year draft eligibles with the various tournaments and events that surround their season. However, the draft isn't just limited to those born in 2000 (and late 1999) as there's a whole group of 1998 and 1999 born players in the draft pool and many... Continue Reading →

A staff member at Burgundy Rainbow will periodically host a mailbag and answer questions on all Avalanche related topics from you, dear reader. Here is our second installment from NoNeedtoYelle.  This installment is mainly focused on how to take the Avs forward from the fledgling young team they are now to what we all hope... Continue Reading →

Almost 60 million people in the United States have participated in fantasy sports this year already.  You’re probably reading this because you’re already part of that demographic, or are about to add yourself to it.  For those of us who may have a failing favorite team in real life, fantasy sports can sometimes be the... Continue Reading →

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